Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Turn the Table on Stalkers

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It's a sad fact that celebrities often have stalkers. Mentally deranged people will sometimes obsess over this actress or that singer, and will follow their every move in an attempt to ingratiate themself into the celebrity's life, as if their mere presence is enough to make the celebrity fall in love with them, or become their best friend. Actor Jeff Goldblum and comedian Conan O'Brien know this all too well, as do Prince William and his new fiancée, Kate Middleton.

Jeff Goldblum's long-time stalker is about to be released from a mental hospital, despite having been arrested five times for stalking activities, while Conan O'Brien's stalker is now stalking the co-host of a local Boston TV show. Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton are now being protected by a special Scotland Yard team in the run-up to their royal wedding, due to both proven and likely stalking threats. But it's not just celebrities that get stalkers.

Hang-up calls in the middle of the night could just be misdials or drunken mistakes, but it could also be the sign of something more dire. A woman in Colorado Springs, CO recently received a threatening text message on her phone from a man that read, "I'm in your home." She got that text message while she was at a police station reporting previous threatening text messages from a man she had a restraining order against, so when the police arrived at her home, they were able to arrest the man. If you don't know who is harassing you, however, you can do a bit of proactive detective work of your own by using a reverse phone lookup.

A reverse phone lookup helps you determine the identity of someone who is calling or texting you. If it's an innocent misdial, drunken dialer, or a 'pocket dial' of someone who doesn't know their phone is making calls from their pocket, the piece of mind of a simple reverse phone lookup is worth it. If it's something more sinister, it could save your life.