Mysterious Phone Call May Lead to Missing Boy

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A mysterious phone call to a missing boy's mother may be the clue needed to help solve the case. Twelve-year-old Jonathan Foster of Houston, TX went missing on Christmas Eve, and hasn't been seen since. Houston authorities issued an Amber Alert for Jonathan, but have no solid leads other than the phone call.

Jonathan was left home alone while his mother, Angela Davis, went to work that day. His stepfather no longer lives with Jonathan and his mother, but he and other relatives live in the same apartment complex. His stepfather, David Davis, says he checked on the boy at 1:45 that afternoon, and he was playing video games.

The mysterious phone call was received at his mother's workplace shortly after that time, but was picked up by a coworker, who said his mother would call him back. The coworker stated that initially Jonathan seemed to be the one on the phone, but was then replaced by a female with a raspy voice saying it was an emergency. By the time Jonathan's mother got to the phone, no one was on the line. The mother then called her home phone, and a woman answered. She overheard the woman asking Jonathan if Angela was his mother's name, and heard him reply that it was, then the line went dead.

Initial reports by the mother stating Jonathan had been left with a babysitter confused police until she admitted he had been left home alone. The Amber Alert issuance was delayed for hours while police sorted through the confusing reports.

A child's burned body was found within a mile of the apartment complex on Tuesday, but was so badly burned that identity has been a problem. The body was found in a culvert, but there were no signs that the body had been burned there, leading police to the realization that the body was burned elsewhere and dumped in the culvert later. While the body has not yet been positively identified as that of Jonathan Foster, sources have been quoted as saying it's likely him.

While police sort through what evidence they have, the mysterious phone call seems to be the best lead at this time. Running a reverse phone lookup on the incoming calls to the mother's workplace should confirm whether the call came from Jonathan's home. If the first call came from another number, however, a reverse lookup may lead straight to the perpetrator.


The burned body found by police has been positively identified as that of Jonathan Foster, and a suspect has been arrested and charged with murder. 44-year-old Mona Yvette Nelson, a friend of Angela Davis's roommate, Sharon Ennamorato, used to do maintenance work at an apartment complex across the street from the complex where Davis and Foster lived. Police investigators state that Nelson has admitted to dumping Foster's body, but not to killing him. Investigators searched Nelson's truck and apartment, and found a "wealth of evidence" that Foster was killed and burned in her apartment. Nelson was also caught on tape dumping the body from her truck into the ravine where Foster was found.

Nelson is claiming that Jonathan's stepfather paid her $20 to dispose of the body, but police have said they believe Nelson acted alone.