Housewives Desperate for Reverse Phone Lookup

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The recently-announced impending divorce of basketball star Tony Parker and his wife Eva Longoria, star of the TV show 'Desperate Housewives', brings yet more light to 'sexting', or sending sex-related text messages from your phone. Tony Parker is accused by his wife Eva of sending such texts to another woman, the wife of another basketball player, as well as cheating on her. While the truth of the matter is nobody's business but those involved, the situation does bring certain social aspects of our current technology to the fore.

Cheating spouses were originally caught by hiring private detectives to confirm suspicions. As technology advanced, hitting 'redial' on the home phone could be used to see who picked up. When the Internet became popular, email became the evidence trail to follow. Now, with cell phones becoming more popular than landline phones for many, text messages are now the thing for suspicious spouses to check.

It's not just suspicious spouses that have a reason to be checking for such activity. Sexting between teens is on the rise, with teenagers sending naughty pictures of themselves to each other. It's gotten to the point that teenagers are sometimes being arrested and even prosecuted for child pornography for sending naked pictures of themselves to others, or for forwarding such pictures of other people to their friends. Checking your child's cell phone for such activity may be a violation of their privacy, but it might also save them and you some serious legal trouble. If you're the one footing the bill for their cell phone, it may come down to a conversation with your child of their expectation of privacy, and the implications of how they use their phone.

The use of modern tools such as a reverse phone lookup can help you determine who your spouse or child is texting, which then gives you the information you need to proceed further. With a reverse phone lookup, you simply enter the mystery phone number (of incoming or outgoing calls or text messages), and can find out who that phone number belongs to. You can then decide what to do with that information. Whether it's time to contact a divorce lawyer, or the parents of your kid's texting recipients, reverse phone lookup is a modern tool for the times we live in.