Cheater's Technology Can Catch Cheaters

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Technology is a defining characteristic of each generation. The dominant technology of the time changes with each generation: telegraph, radio, telephone, television, computer, networked computer and now cell phone. While most of these technologies are still in common use, how they're used also changes with the times, for both innocuous and nefarious purposes.

Those of us who grew up during the start of the home computer era use technology very differently than our parents, and very differently than our children. "Email is for old people," is a quote from a documentary about how the younger generation uses technology that was new to me as a kid, but was old hat by the time the current generation was born. Instant messaging (IM) and cell phone texting are the norm, now, and are even defining how younger people communicate outside of IM and text messages. "OMG" and "LOL" become some of a young person's earliest words sent to friends, and are so completely incomprehensible to our parents that they might as well be using a foreign language.

Young people aren't the only ones making use of new technology, though. Those of us who are older and sneakier are using these new methods of communication to carry on illicit affairs. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conducted a study that shows that Facebook infidelity accounts for twenty percent of divorces. Instead of hitting "redial" on a home land line - which increasingly doesn't even exist anymore - cheaters are now often using the instant messaging or texting abilities on their computers and cell phones to carry on their furtive communications. Those mysterious hang up calls in the middle of the night have, in many cases, been replaced by mysterious text messages.

Since simply hitting redial is no longer an option, you'll have to fight fire with fire, or, in this modern age, fight technology with technology. Find out what's going on by getting that phone number those texts are coming from or going to, and run a free reverse phone lookup on it. Armed with nothing but a phone number, you can look up who that number belongs to, and often even get their address, to help you catch someone in the act. Don't confront anyone, though - that only leads to tears and violence. Instead, turn to yet more technology; the camera in your cell phone should be able to get some visual evidence for the divorce.