You May Be More Vulnerable to Identity Theft than you Think

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In a modern era of technology where nearly every action from ordering pizza to performing a reverse phone lookup is performed through the touch of a button in a matter of seconds, a world without the comforts of modern technology seems unimaginable. Whether it’s signing up for a mailing list or entering our credit card information, one has to wonder if our dependence on the Internet has made us unaware of how vulnerable we are to things such as identity theft and fraud. As scientist and philosopher John Tudor notes, “Technology makes it possible for people to gain more control over everything, except over technology”.

What makes identity theft such a pertinent issue is that it can happen to almost anyone. In a recent survey, Javelin Strategy and Research found that 1 in every 10 US consumers has been a victim to identity theft. While it can be difficult to protect yourself against all forms of fraud, one sure way to safeguard you from identity theft is through reverse phone look up. By enabling you to locate anything from a name to a location, a reverse phone lookup can offer additional information should you be contacted by a telemarketer or spam artist.

Use technology for your benefit to gain the upper hand against fraud and identity theft. Gain peace of mind against identity theft by responding with a reverse phone look up.