Google's Corporate Conscience Decision May Impact Reverse Phone Lookup in China

Published: 02/03/2010
By: Reverse Phone Directory staff

The impact that Google has had in the world of people search and advertising is nothing short of remarkable. In just a few short years Google has dominated the search industry and become a relevant factor in the success of almost any company. Viewed in many circles as a socially conscious company, Google recently took a stance against government censorship when it threatened to pull its operations out of China. Though Google's decision is not likely to end government censorship in China, it could prove to be an important catalyst in bringing forth awareness of the problem and may inspire other companies and individuals to do the same.

In attempting to restrict the world's most popular search and information lookup service, the Chinese government is ultimately fighting an uphill battle against the Internet and the wave of social media sites. By being able to quickly post pictures, send messages, and easily share content, preventing the distribution of information (both good and bad) will become increasingly difficult. Unfortunately with such an influx of information, at times organizing and sorting through what's relevant and irrelevant is difficult.

The people search and reverse phone lookup industry is one such area where finding relevant and up to date information can be a challenge. Since people often vary in what and how much information they share, along with an unprecedented amount of numbers being unlisted, it can be a pain to piece together a person's entire record. By relying on a reputable reverse phone lookup that pulls information from numerous sources, you can be confident that you're not only finding correct and up to date information, but also that you've found a comprehensive record. Performing a comprehensive reverse lookup often takes only a few seconds and can provide valuable clues in finding out key identifying information. It's more likely than ever you'll find substantial data as the average person shares information about themselves from across multiple platforms making it much more likely you'll find a substantial amount of data.

One can only hope that standoff between Google and China will have a positive outcome as the Chinese government response may have a significant impact on not just what Google shows, but what other sites will be allowed to display and store.