Why you should be weary of impersonators for the other 364 days

For those who celebrated Halloween this year, you probably noticed plenty of Michael Jacksons, Twilight inspired Vampires, and Jon and Kate Gosselins, as they rounded out this past year's most popular Halloween costumes. For those who do dress up, Halloween is a great opportunity for people to pretend they're someone else for a night. While it is fun to impersonate someone else, make sure someone is who they claim to be on the other 364 days, and consider investigating with a reverse phone look up.

There are numerous reasons you may want to try a reverse phone lookup. Whether you're hiring a new nanny, looking for a real estate agent, or have a new neighbor, you'll want to take the extra time to find out more. From email scams to aggressive telemarketers, thieves and scammers have become extremely advanced.

Fortunately for consumers, there are numerous resources that you can use to fight back. If you receive a phone call or have a business card, try a reverse phone number look up with an extensive cell phone directory, or a people search that enables you look by multiple means. In general, the more extensively you search, the more likely you'll find out when something or someone is not legit.

While meeting several Michal Jacksons and Jon Gosselins is not uncommon on October 31st, should you be introduced to a suspicious person, you may want to try a reverse cell phone lookup.