AMEX Security Breach Leaves Many Scrambling to Run a Reverse Phone Lookup

Sending out letters of apology and tips about protecting your identity, American Express recently notified a number of customers about a security breach. Though social security numbers were not compromised, the information that was released enabled a number of fraudulent charges to take place. The fraud, which according to American Express was carried out by a former employee, is just one example of how difficult it is to remain safe from fraud.

One of the suggestions that American Express offered to help its customers was to review their monthly statement. Since credit card statements include address information you can investigate a fraudulent charge by performing a reverse phone lookup. Though companies such as American Express have a fairly good fraudulent charge policy, other companies may limit the number of fraud claims and the amount of damage you can claim. Since some people, especially those with families, have several credit cards, you may want to try a reverse phone lookup before you place a fraud claim.

Seeing fraudulent charges on your credit card statement is never a good thing. Trying a reverse phone lookup can help you find out more.