Developments in Dugard Story Reveal How a Reverse Phone Lookup Can Help

A recent Time story on the international sex trade noted that while the case of Phillip Garrido and Jaycee Dugard is highly unfortunate, it has drawn attention to the issue of the child sex trade and how it can occur in some of the unlikeliest places. Time estimates there are around 1.8 million children worldwide who are forced into the commercial sex trade every year. Miscommunication between government agencies and a lack of a substantial online directory were two major contributing factors highlighted in the article. While new legislation will hopefully crack down on the child sex trade abroad, the fact remains that while in the US strict laws currently enable people to view sex offenders through means such as a reverse phone lookup, there are other criminals who are far less easy to search for. Given the abundance of ways to hide your true identity, you should consider trying your own reverse phone lookup the next time you become suspicious.

Performing a reverse phone lookup can let you know important details if you're hiring a new nanny, if you want to check out your upcoming date or even if you want to look at what's available on the Internet about you. By looking at multiple directories, a reverse phone lookup can reveal details you won't be able to find on just any search engine.

Accidents are bound to happen, but performing a reverse phone lookup can help alleviate some fear. Even if you're confident that you don't need to investigate further, the peace of mind that a reverse phone lookup can offer is something you really can't put a price on.