How Did People Raise Teenagers Before Reverse Phone Lookup?

Irina woke up in the middle of the night. Something wasn't right. She has been expecting her teenage daughter to return from a party, and had dozed off. She got up and tiptoed down the hall: nope, Mandy's bed hasn't been slept in. It was time to panic.

She checked her cell phone next. There was a missed call from some number she'd never seen, with an area code of the adjacent state. Hands trembling, Irina dialed the number. No answer. She decided to find out who called her that late. It must have something to do with Mandy; she just knew it. According to the reverse phone lookup report, the call came from some roadside motel the state border is lined with. She understood.

Irina could just see what had happened: it was all that boyfriend of hers! She was right to not trust him, that no-good sonova ... He's been trying to coerce her baby for months! Irina was convinced that her daughter was trying to call her from the motel and he'd made her hang up. Well, he's got another thing coming! Hold on, baby, Mama's coming! She got into the car and drove toward the state border. Teenagers! How did people raise 'em before reverse phone lookup?