Reverse Phone Lookup Assists a Retiree on Telemarketing Warpath

Now that my parents are retired, they are frequently recreationally challenged. Earlier this morning, my mom told me on the phone that she has a new hobby. Seems, she's invented a game for screening all their phone calls. She doesn't just answer it anymore, like she used to. No Siree Bob, she is keeping up with the times. My mom knows all about checking her caller IDs, identifying the caller, finding out all about who that is online, and then deciding if she will talk to them the next time they call.

Yes, my mother is a reverse phone lookup junkie, and I am afraid I am responsible for creating this monster. I showed her how to investigate the callers, because I worry about my aging parents and I want them to know how to protect themselves from scammers, but this has gone too far! Then again, she could have a worse addiction than this, and it's not as if these reports - even several of them every day - are expensive.

My mother told me how she fixed some telemarketers earlier that week, and I must say it was pretty clever. She kept getting calls from a number that turned out to be a telephone psychic line. She found the source and location of these calls by running a reverse phone lookup report. Now that my mother knew the name and address of the person making these calls, she actually drove to that location and confronted the none-too-comfortable "psychic" working the shift. My mother had her name crossed off their calling lists, and she hasn't heard from them since. Telemarketers don't like being threatened with a lawsuit. Well, whatever works, I suppose. You go mom!