Don't Pick a College Roommate Without the Approval of Reverse Phone Lookup

My best friend's son Danny is going away to college. He's been busy looking for an on-campus apartment and interviewing roommates. The other night his mom called me and told me her son wants to talk to me. I was surprised, yet delighted - we've practically raised our kids together, and this boy is almost like one of my own.

I was even more pleasantly surprised when Danny said he's heard me talking to his mom about the safety precautions one must take when looking for a roommate. He interviewed a guy earlier and wanted to know more about the types of screening one can do to confirm that a potential roommate is a safe bet.

To make matters a little more difficult, he only knew the guy's first name. "No worries", said I, and told him about the reverse phone lookup. Of course, he had the guy's cell phone number - he responded to the ad. That was enough to get to the guy's full name, age, address and more historical data.

Danny's main concern was that the guy seemed to be holding a can of beer in all his Facebook pictures. He wanted to know if reverse phone lookup can help him check the guy's criminal background to see if he has any DUIs, and I assured him that it can find out anything about anyone. Once there, he'll be offered the option of running a full background report. I stayed on the phone with him and guided him as he ran all the reports online, and then we deciphered them together.

We didn't have to decipher too much: it was all there, loud and clear. Not only did the guy have two recent DUIs, he lied about his age, too. He was a good ten years older than he said he was. We really couldn't care less why he lied, we were just happy we found out what we needed to know. I was thrilled I'd helped Danny to avoid many troubled moments with this fellow. Honestly, I don't know how I would go through life without having reverse phone lookup on my side, so I can help to protect family and friends.