Reverse Phone Lookup Keeps Families Safe and Connected

My baby sister is no baby, but to me she still is. I've always felt like her keeper, even though now we are both adults. She's decided this is the year she finally wants to settle down and start a family; which means she must make methodical dating her priority and date - a lot. I am happy with her decision but also concerned: will she be okay? I hope she remembers all my lessons about staying safe when meeting with strangers.

So, the other day I was thinking these things to myself when little sis called and asked me to remind her how to screen her dates. I started telling her - again - how to use reverse phone lookup to make sure the man she is going out with is not a rapist or an axe murderer. After a couple of seconds, she just interrupted me and asked me if I would mind doing it for her. My heart leaped with glee, and I told her I'd be delighted. After all, protecting her is what I do best; besides, by putting me in charge of her safety, she is also inviting me to become part of her experiences and share in her personal life. I am honored and excited.

Besides, running a reverse phone lookup is as fast and easy as one-two-three. After a potential date first calls, the phone number on the Caller ID is all you need to find out just about everything about his public life, and even some things about his private persona. Before you even meet your date, you'll know if he has a criminal past, or financial judgments against him; you'll be able to confirm his age and the year of his divorce, and even the names of his family members. That last one, along with his current address and phone number, you should leave with a friend (or a sister) if you do decide to meet this candidate in person, so someone knows - just in case - where you last were and with whom.

I was afraid of going prematurely gray when the baby is out there in the big, dangerous world, but thankfully I can at least protect her and know every man with whom she goes out. I've figured out yet another awesome advantage to the reverse phone lookup: it can shave off years' worth of hair dye costs.