Reverse Phone Lookup Helps to Nail the Dog's Murderer

Marie and her husband didn't have children. Their dog was their child. Rather, it was her husband's dog. He'd had him since he was a kid, and although he'd been getting up there in years, Toby was a sweet, loving dog loved by all. He was gentle and didn't want any trouble from other dogs.

Marie had recently hired a young helper to assist her with some seasonal chores. The girl was very nice and hard-working, but there was a bit of a problem. She brought her dog to work with her, and tied him to a post outside, with a piece of string long enough for him to roam the yard. The problem was this dog's loud antics troubled Toby. Mostly quiet, Toby got agitated around this dog, and when he "complained", they inevitably got into a bad fight and had to be separated. This went on until the day Marie's husband witnessed this and asked Marie to find another girl to help her. It was unpleasant, but Marie had to let her go before her dog hurt Toby.

Then one day two weeks later, the girl called her in tears. She was begging Marie to let her come over with her dog and stay there for just a day or two, until her brother can pick her up and drive her back to her family home in another state. Marie was a gentle person and she wanted to help this young woman with her boyfriend trouble, but she couldn't; she promised her husband to never let that dog near Toby again. Marie felt torn, but she knew her loyalty was with her husband. She apologized and suggested she leave the dog at home and stay at a shelter or a motel until her brother comes. Then, feeling bad, she called the nearby motel and prepaid for a room for one night. She called back wanting to tell the girl about the room, but she must have already left. Marie went out to run errands, having decided to call her former employee later.

Marie never expected to find what she found at home when she returned. Toby's dead body was sprawled across the front yard, and next to him, his whole body heaving from loud sobs, was her husband. He looked up at her and from the accusation in his eyes, she knew what had happened. The girl came here in spite of her refusal, and her dog attacked and killed Toby. Now her husband thought it was with her permission.

Marie wanted him to know he was wrong. She took out her cell phone and asked him to look through all the outgoing and incoming numbers he didn't recognize. He picked out two numbers - the girl's boyfriend's and the motel's. She then asked him to perform a reverse phone lookup with both numbers, tracing the calls back to whoever made them and from where. At first, when the husband found out who placed the first call, he was convinced he was right, but she calmly insisted he check out the second number. Marie could tell he was beginning to realize what had happened, as she watched reflections of first confusion, then relief and guilt on his face. Without another word, they fell into each other's arms, crying. They will grieve for their beloved dog, but their marriage won't suffer from guilt or betrayal. And that was a load off Marie's back. She quietly thanked God for the reverse phone lookup.