Reverse Phone Lookup: the Only Effective Method to Hunt Down Telemarketers

So check this out: last night I go online to pay my cell phone bill, and I nearly passed out. My monthly fixed bill is $65; this bill was over $150. What on Earth? So, I looked at the bill to determine what the problem was before I called T-Mobile. I soon found the culprit: a single incoming call that cost almost $90. Before I complained to the phone company, I wanted to know who made that call, because I didn't recognize the number.

According to the reverse phone lookup, the number belonged to people I never heard of, much less talked to for an hour and a half. I did recall seeing incoming calls from that number on my Caller ID throughout the past couple of weeks, but I never answered, thinking it's a telemarketer, and they never left a message.

So, I called my cell phone carrier next to inquire about the strange situation. I knew for sure I never talked to those people, whoever they are, and I was going to get to the bottom of this. I informed the nice lady that according to the reverse phone lookup, I have never heard of the person who's been calling me, much less had such a lengthy conversation with him/her. And even if I did, why didn't it just use my available minutes without charging me extra? I have never been over my minutes: I guess, I need a more happening social life. But that's not the point.

Then, the nice cell phone lady gave me some answers that caused my hair to stand on end. She looked at the details of that call, and guess what? It was a telemarketing recording issued by an automated call system that is illegal. Now get this: on the night the blasted call happened at around 10:30 pm, I must have been asleep and didn't answer. What happened then is a real kicker: while leaving me one of their lovely voice mails, the system had malfunctioned and continued to leave the same message over and over, and over again without hanging up, spending all my remaining minutes plus another hour and a half that cost me a dollar a minute, until someone realized what was happening and disconnected that damn thing. Of course, I ended up disputing the charges, and hopefully it will work out this time.

Yet, what about all the other times each of us is victimized by such infringement on our - forget privacy - money and peace of mind? I am thinking of ways to get these people. I wish T-Mobile would bring the same kind of class action against telemarketers as Verizon did. If not, I have to find a way to deal with it on my own. I am thankful for the information I obtained on these people via the reverse phone lookup. I know their names and address, among other details. I must think how to fight this; I will find the way to do something about the injustice. Are you all with me?