Reverse Phone Lookup Can Lead to an Honest Car Salesman

I am in the market for a new car, or rather a new used car. I used to only own new cars, but I hear it's not the best thing to do. Experts recommend buying a barely-used car, in which case you get the best value. I still worry they are going to rip me off somehow. You know car salesmen and women who are not mechanically inclined are not a good combination. I hear I should bring a trusted mechanic with me. I'd have to borrow one from a friend.

I also just read an article on a long list of tricks car salespeople sometimes use to monkey around with your numbers. Wow, they sure get creative! Bring a calculator and pay attention, in other words.

But here is one advice experts didn't think of: learn more about the dealer before deciding where to buy. Do you know the dealer's or private seller's contact information? Cell phone number? You can find out whether it is a reputable shop or individual, or if you should take your business elsewhere. You can learn all this from a reverse phone lookup.

Reverse phone lookup starts out by returning basic information on the person - name, age, date of birth, address, etc. It is important to delve further in this case and also check for civil judgments or liens to see if someone sued them for dishonesty, or any criminal history of similar nature.

If the report you get back from the reverse phone lookup indicates no such history, maybe this dealer or private seller is not such a bad dude and does honest business. Maybe he is worth a try?