Parents of Texters, Embrace Reverse Phone Lookup!

Have you heard? We now have national texting championships; sponsored by a cell phone company, of course. One was just held in New York City. The nation's newest texting champion is 15-year-old Kate Moore from Des Moines, Iowa. As her victory was announced, tear-eyed Kate wanted to reach out to adults on behalf of all texting kids. She asked parents and teachers to allow texting at dinner tables and in classrooms, because it obviously pays off. Kids who participate in the championship can win $50,000, publicity, and a new phone.

Katie doesn't believe for a moment that her virtual communications take too much time out of her day. She has good grades, participates in school plays and concerts and hangs out with her friends in person. She believes texting has been really helpful for studying because it allows her to have a record of what she is learning.

Ah, if only it were that simple! Parents and teachers know they've lost the war against texting. However, responsible parents also know that once a teenager has a cell phone, he or she becomes a target for hostile virtual communications as well. Child sex predators are having a field day with cell phones now offering them all kinds of creative ways to get to their unsuspecting victims. But parents have an antidote: reverse phone lookup.

Obviously we want our kids safe, so we need to do an occasional inventory of their cell phone in- and out-box to make sure they haven't sent or received texts or calls to/from suspicious or unknown numbers. Then, check those numbers in a reverse phone lookup to see who hides behind the unknown number. You can find out the name, age, address and many other details, including criminal records, about the person who calls your child. Now you can make a decision whether to let things be or pursue it further. Reverse phone lookup allows today's parents of avid texters to remain in control.