Reverse Phone Lookup Catches Boyfriend Red-Handed

My best friend recently began dating a new man. You know how it goes, I am her go-to-for-advice girlfriend, so she tells me everything. The other day, she came to me visibly upset. It seems the new boyfriend's ex is not quite as out of the picture as my friend had thought. He is still smarting from being dumped, and although she'd left him for another man, it sure sounds like if she realized that she'd made a mistake and wanted to come back, he'd take her back.

Things are complicated by the fact that my best friend, for whose happiness I'd do anything, is completely in love with this man. I must say they do seem like a match made in heaven, they are so compatible. That other girl needs to keep walking; she made her choice. I will tell my friend to monitor that boy's cell phone records and do a reverse phone lookup for every number she doesn't recognize. I'm sure she'll be horrified at the idea, but it must be done: if he is still seeing his ex, we can and will find out.

As you may well imagine, I was right to insist on this. Sure enough, there were several calls to and from the same unknown number. According to a reverse phone lookup, the number belonged to the dreadful ex. Why do I always manage to involve myself in someone else's drama? But this is my best friend, and she is in pretty bad shape now.

However, my girlfriend had another idea. She jumped into her car and went straight to the address we learned from the reverse phone lookup before I could stop her. All I could do is follow in my car. Of course, the wonder man was there when we arrived. Need I go on? The ensuing scene wasn't pretty. It's too bad things didn't work out for my best friend, but I think I'll spend some time away from friends in relationships. I need some peace and quiet.