Reverse Phone Lookup Protects Our Daughters

Barely a day goes by without an incident that reminds parents of teens what a difficult job we have on our hands. Teenagers are hard, because they don't work with us. How does one protect them if they don't want to be protected? Girls of thirteen may have just barely become teens, but they often look ripe for the plucking, especially when the man is barely out of his teen years himself and is guided more by his natural urges than thoughts about the law, responsibilities, and possible repercussions of succumbing to temptation presented by a girl who is still legally a child. That's why we need the laws to protect the innocent, even when they don't realize they need to be protected.

I am talking about the news story just out of Bremerton, WA, where a 21-year-old YMCA employee has been arrested on charges of second-degree child rape for having sexual relations with a 13-yer-old girl enrolled in a YMCA after-school program. In this case, however, the parents were right on target, having managed to discover, if not prevent, their daughter's involvement with an adult. Guided by intuition and suspicion, they searched her cell phone for recent call records and found a number of inappropriate calls and texts from the same number. A reverse phone lookup allowed them to determine the name and address of the culprit. The police took it from there.

This story illustrates yet again that today's parents are lucky to be living during times when advanced technology offers us additional tools and methods for our kids' protection. With the help of an occasional reverse phone lookup we can keep tabs on their comings and goings and monitor the suspicious unknowns whose phone numbers we found in our child's incoming and outgoing calls. It's the only way of keeping them relatively safe in today's society. Take advantage of it.