Reverse Phone Lookup: Chase Away Unwanted Callers

During the past several weeks I began to receive the same short text message almost every other day. Someone, who appears to be a telemarketer, but not as blatant, keeps sending automated texts to my cell phone. "Please call 2063556944" it invariably says. It's very annoying, not to mention illegal; not only are these messages disruptive, I am the one who will end up paying the bill that includes the charges for these texts.

Yesterday I decided to see if I can find out who is sending these text messages. I never go more than a couple of days without using a reverse phone lookup for this or that. It always helps me trace unknown phone numbers back to their owners' names, addresses and other information. Sure enough, here I am again, investigating other mystery.

Well, well, according to the report from the reverse phone lookup, the person who's been annoying me is 55-year-old Joyce Hawkins from a town nearby. Let's see what we can find out about Joyce and what she may want from me. Okay, so far so good - at least, she doesn't have criminal history - but she does appear to be involved in a bunch of financial scams, with all kinds of civil judgments on record and a cherry on a sundae - a bankruptcy last year.

She must be trying to start fresh with a new questionable scam or product, but my mind is made up: I am not going to be her next victim, thanks to my buddy reverse phone lookup. My mind made up, I texted Joyce a not-so-nice reply and never heard from her again.