The Best Dating Safety Tip Around: Reverse Phone Lookup

As I am scouting through the headlines of news and advice articles online, I can't help but zero in on the fact that I am seeing several redundant topics related to dating: flirting success tips, tips to "inspire him to pursue you", tips for recession-proof dating, etc. Where are the safe dating tips, tips to "returning home in one piece", or tips for getting to know your date before you meet? No, I haven't misspoken. Investigating the person you've never met before to assess the potential risk of meeting him alone is key to a successful and safe date.

I never meet anyone I initially met online in person before I get them confirmed and checked out via a reverse phone lookup. After he calls you and his Caller ID is recorded on your phone, use that number. Enter it into the online search form and watch what comes back.

It's almost like reading a book about someone else's life, and it's all there. If it is an honorable man you are about to date, you'll find out. The dishonorable ones are pretty obvious too. The reverse phone lookup is like a mirror of truth: it reflects everyone's good and bad deeds in full. And now that you know he told you the truth about his name, age, address, marital status, career and financial situation, living and family situations, etc., you can silence the little concerned voice in your head and listen to his voice instead.

Normally, when you worry about being out with a person you know nothing about, you are bound to feel tense and be jumpy on a dark street. That's not conducive to a successful date. My suggestion is to find out all about your date long before you meet and make sure he is a wholesome, trustworthy man without criminal history or a wife. An added bonus is to have him checked out before you meet, so you don't feel guilty yet that you are betraying his trust. He may very well be betraying your trust, and don't you forget it. Only a reverse phone lookup can tell.