Reverse Phone Lookup Protects Women of All Ages

Someone's been scaring my mother. She lives alone, and now that she is getting older, I worry about her. Lately some sick creep has been calling her in the middle of the night, making unwelcome innuendos. She's called me twice now, disturbed and unable to sleep. I called the local police precinct to ask for suggestions, but they couldn't help me.

One operator was a lot more helpful than the rest, though. She suggested I spend the night over at my mother's until the next call and record the number on the Caller ID. She then told me about something called a reverse phone lookup, an on-line service that traces the number back to the owner - owner's full name, age, address, even criminal history, if any. This way, if we find out who is calling and where he lives, we can then get a printed record of his calls, and have enough proof and an actual location for the police to stop by. Cool!

So, I decided to spend the next night at my mom's place. We went to sleep, and - sure enough - were awakened just after midnight. I answered, pretending to be my mother. He began to whisper hoarsely - it kind of sounded like he was lisping too - asking "his sweet cheeks to come to his room" ... you get the picture. I've heard enough. After I hung up, I immediately brought up the number on the Caller ID, and... well, I didn't even need to use the reverse phone lookup: the name of the establishment was right there, and it was the nursing home down the street from us. Well, I'll be ... my mom has got herself a dirty old admirer!

We didn't call the police. Instead, we called the nursing home and asked them to keep their more spunky residents away from the phone at night. They promised. So, the matter was resolved and I didn't even get to use that amazing reverse phone lookup thing. I am thinking when I get home, I'll use it to sneak a peek at the guy I just started dating - just in case. I heard other women swear by this little safety measure. I hope this one is as trustworthy as he seems, though. I kind of like him.