Reverse Phone Lookup Approves of My Blind Date

I am going on a blind date tonight. A friend of a friend introduced us - that is, helped us exchange phone numbers. She says he is a great guy, and I trust her, but I am still a little nervous. After all, how well does anyone really know anyone? Sometimes people spend a lifetime together, only to find out their love has always been based on a lie and they don't even know the real name of the person to whom they are supposed to feel closer than anyone else on earth. While my friend's friend may think the guy is great, he may in fact be an axe murderer, a vicious rapist, a child predator, or god knows what else. By now, I've almost managed to scare myself out of going out tonight.

Okay, I've got to be rational and not let my fears get in the way of my happiness. Truth be told, I've known what to do all along: a reverse phone lookup. That's the referee I trust, with real information on people obtained from public records. All my fears will be resolved as soon as I either confirm that this man is as trustworthy as our friend thinks, or find out that he is hiding a criminal record a mile long, cancel the date and change my phone number; it's as simple as that.

A reverse phone lookup is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to investigate any stranger. Just key in his phone number and within seconds have this person's life story unfold in front of your eyes: is it his real name and age? Is he really single? Has he ever robbed or killed anyone? What? Not even a little embezzlement on his conscience? Why, this guy is really starting to sound good. I think I'll start getting ready for that date after all. Wouldn't it be funny if he was running a reverse phone lookup on me as we speak?