Reverse Phone Lookup Helps Trace Runaway Teens

Amber didn't slept in her bed last night. In the morning, after a sleepless night, when it became clear Amber wasn't coming home, her mother called the police and filed a missing persons report. The truly unusual fact about the situation was that Amber's cell phone, without which she never left home, was in her room.

Amber's mother was at a loss, and decided to check the incoming and outgoing call records to see if the calls provide any clues as to what happened to her daughter. The only calls received on Amber's phone were calls from her new boyfriend, Max. Reverse phone lookup led the police to the names and residential address of Max's parents, and everyone joined forces and began to look for the kids. It was determined that Max still had his cell phone with him, although he hasn't been receiving calls.

Following the reverse phone lookup, police quickly obtained the records of Max's cell phone tower activity. Thankfully, the cell phone company promptly cooperated with the police due to the new state law. The 'pinging' records of Max's phone helped trace the underage runaways to where they recently crossed the state border.

Max and Amber were found asleep in a seedy motel room. The police awakened them and explained it was time to go home. Amber was despondent at having been found; she wouldn't stop yelling at Max: "I told you to leave the phone at home, like I did! I told you my mom is going to reverse-phone-lookup us in no time!" The confused teen rebel didn't even realize that it was her phone that led her mother and the police to discover her companion and more clues to their whereabouts.