Reverse Phone Lookup Helps Battered Women

Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night by the shrill sound of your telephone ringing? No? Consider yourself lucky. One just gave me heart palpitations. During the past few nights, I've received several hang-ups and a couple of messages consisting of whispered obscenities and threats. I couldn't make out who it was but I was getting pretty uncomfortable. You see, I am hiding from my estranged husband and his rage. There is no point in calling the police unless I can help them with information, and I don't even know who is calling. But I am going to find out via a reverse phone lookup.

If my husband found out where I am, I have a big problem and must move on right away. The number on my Caller ID didn't look familiar. I keyed it in and, holding my breath, waited for results. The result claimed the number belonged to some man whose last name sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it ... until it dawned on me that I heard this person's name from my husband a long time ago. There was his address and other information, and I knew they must have been hanging out at that house, drinking and making harassing phone calls. As far as I was concerned, reverse phone lookup gave me enough information to reel them in.

As soon as I called the police and gave them the name, address and phone number of the man whose phone my husband used to scare me, I felt better. Now I had some proof I was in danger, and hopefully they'll be arrested or at least forewarned. Tomorrow I will go to court and get an order of protection, and maybe then I can stop running scared. Thank goodness for the protection a woman can get from a reverse phone lookup.