Brother and Sister Reunited Thanks to a Reverse Phone Lookup

The phone began to ring just as Stephanie inserted her key into the keyhole. She jiggled her keys impatiently, finally unlocking the door and rushing inside, just as her phone stopped ringing. Darn, she thought. This always happens. She wondered who'd called her, and checked the Caller ID.

Neither the number nor the area code looked familiar. What she did recognize right away was the last name; her last name. Stephanie didn't know anyone named Jason with whom she shared a last name, and by now she was really intrigued. She decided to find out more about the caller and entered his phone number into a reverse phone lookup.

The result was daunting, if not disturbing. The reverse phone lookup delivered a report about a young man of 19 who lived in the town three states away, where she didn't know anyone. Yet, not only did they share a family name, there was his photo, and he looked too much like family, like her, in fact; disconcertingly so.

Then she remembered her mother telling her a long time ago that her father was from the place that bore the same name. Could there be a connection? She didn't know her father. He'd left when she was a baby and she'd heard he had another family elsewhere. Could this Jason possibly be ... her half-brother? She'd often wondered and hoped that somewhere out there, there may be a sister or a brother she'd never known. Maybe the mystery would finally be solved. Her hands trembled slightly, as she dialed his number.

The pleasant, young male voice that answered her call sounded somehow familiar too. When he realized she was returning his call, he became very excited. Growing up, Jason had heard he had a big half-sister, but he had no idea how to find her. Then, his father fell ill and on his deathbed he told him how to contact her.

Stephanie was speechless. She suddenly felt like crying. It didn't make any sense, because she'd never known her father enough to love him. Yet, knowing he was dead now and they'd never have a chance to meet, she somehow felt cheated. Then, slowly, it dawned on her that she was just given a chance to get to know her young brother, and that made everything better. Their father had given them a gift by bringing them together. Now, with the help of the reverse phone lookup, they had the rest of their lives to become family.