Reverse Phone Lookup Helps Me Be a Better Parent

My sixteen-year-old daughter and I are very close. I believe in establishing trust between a mother and a teenage daughter early on, because she lets me into her world and I have the opportunity to know all her friends and guide and advise her without much friction. She actually values my opinion and is an amazing kid all around - but still a kid. The difficult part is striking the balance between being a friend and still remaining a parent. I think I manage okay most of the time, but sometimes a parent needs some extra help; I get mine from an occasional reverse phone lookup.

Lately I've been worried about the company she keeps. She - of course - is too mature for the boys her age and sets her sights on older guys. Uh-oh. I tell her it's a whole different game, and older men have different expectations. She knows the only thing I want to prevent is having her heart broken, but she is a lot tougher than I was at her age. Still, I must protect her.

I am about to do what I thought I'd never do: snoop. She's been seeing this guy after school - a friend of a friend and three years her senior. She likes him because he treats her like an equal - what does that entail? Who is this dude? I am going to run a reverse phone lookup to find out the details of his life and determine if he can and should be trusted; or else I'll tell her father to meet him with a BB gun the next time he comes over.

I check her cell phone and see the myriads of texts she exchanges with him during the day. I am not going to read the content; it's not what I am after. I just want to make sure he is not a juvenile delinquent, a child predator, a drug dealer, a rapist ... you get the gist of it. I just want to check if the dude has criminal records, or if he is a good wholesome fella like she says he is.

Let's see now. Yep, the cell phone is his own, not in his parents' name, but looks like he has parents and they are both seemingly respectable individuals. He appears to have a job, like he says. He has no criminal record, and is going to a good college ... looks pretty good, I guess. Well then, now I know we should give this boy a chance. The rest is up to my daughter. She knows no one can push her to do anything she is not comfortable with, and that's going to have to be good enough for me. My work here is done. Thanks for the reassurance, reverse phone lookup.