Reverse Phone Lookup Finds Unethical Businessman

You gotta admit, using a reverse phone lookup to catch a wrongdoer who thinks himself invincible only to find out otherwise, is really creative, and so rewarding, isn't it? I'm referring to a blog entry I just read. I felt rewarded for my constant ranting and raving, because it looks like people are listening and using the reverse phone lookup as a helpful tool.

This guy realized that another blogger copied whole passages from his blog entry into his post. The slightly outraged author blasted the anonymous offender, and lo and behold, he responded with a phone call to express his apology and explain that he meant no harm. The guy may have been sincere, but based on the nature of the content he copied and pasted, the original author became suspicious as to his reason for wanting to remain incognito. Until the caller admitted using the content to "generate email leads".

The caller must have overlooked the fact that a reverse phone lookup will reveal his identity instantaneously. The Caller ID showed a business name, and the man must have been its owner. He didn't want people to find out that he was using illegal and unethical ways to bring in new business. So, the smart blogger number one ran a reverse phone lookup on the company's number and - lo and behold - it turned out to be the man's personal cell phone. His name, address and other important details were also right there.

As it turned out, the name of his company is pretty well-known, and the incident would have been pretty damaging to its name. Just so blogger number two knows that his identity is no longer a secret, blogger number one filled out a form on the company's Web site, requesting information about the business. I doubt there will be another problem with this man's questionable business practices.