Don't Let Them Tap Your Phone - Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Them Right Back

A coworker just emailed me a YouTube video about the new spyware that can be planted on a cell phone. It records conversations and phone numbers, tracks movements and locations, and more. One family was terrorized by stalkers who called and uttered horrific threats in a creepy, clearly altered voice or played back the recordings of their conversations. The family was afraid to go near the phone when it rang.

That's when I kind of lost it. I usually lose it when in movies people act so oblivious to the obvious solution - reverse phone lookup! How could they not have heard of such a useful thing as reverse phone lookup? Then they would have known who their tormentor is. The stalkers called on their cell phone, didn't they? There is a way to look up the number they called from and determine its owner's name, age, address, and many other things that may prove useful. They could have traced the calls straight to the villains' door and brought the police with them.

Strangely enough, the newscaster never mentioned the reverse phone lookup as a possible solution to the problem, once the phone is already infected. The measures discussed were only preventive in nature. With Reverse Cell Phone Lookup, you can go on the offense!