Between Reverse Psychology and Reverse Phone Lookup, Cell Phones Serve the Greater Good in Schools

Schools across the country are waging war on cell phones. Social psychologists predict gloom and doom as to this generation's impaired social development due to prolific leaps and bounds in technology and excessive reliance on its conveniences. From sex offenders lurking on social networking sites to the nationwide "sexting" dilemma, to simple texting in classrooms, school personnel have been pulling out their hair. I'd say they're fighting a losing battle, wouldn't you?

Besides, the alarmists must admit there are numerous benefits to our children being traceable and reachable at all times, not to mention the useful ways in which texting can be harnessed and made to serve the teachers' and parents' purposes. Some schools are actually starting to do just that.

They recognize the futility of their fight and are now using technology to their advantage. They attempt to infiltrate the children's world and speak their language. Smart! Can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? Teachers hold class discussions via texting and manage to get participation and hear opinions from more students without calling on them directly. Kids do online research for their papers right in the classroom, using their cell phones. Teachers also began to keep in touch with the students and send notifications regarding schedule changes and other issues. And school administration has begun to send out announcements via mass text messages. No more loudspeakers, thank goodness. Most people's plans include unlimited texting, so all this added activity is not adding extra charges to the cell phone bills.

And let's not forget how useful cell phones have become in detective work, tracking runaways and tracing criminals' location. A reverse phone lookup is one of the best ways for parents to keep tabs on their kids at all times. There have been cases in which having cell phones and being able to run a reverse phone lookup on the spot helped some townspeople and their kids band together and find missing teens. Parents can also find out who called the child's phone, if the number in their call records looks unfamiliar, and make sure no sex predator is luring them into their clutches.

The worst problem from cell phones in classrooms is the occasional texts teens exchange with each other. Sure, no one can really do anything about that, save ban the cell phones completely, but let's get real. In the past teachers have had to put up with handwritten notes passed around, and texting is just a variety of the same kid behavior. Just deal.