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What is this world coming to?! By now we have all heard the big shocker: Sandra Cantu, the beautiful little girl from Tracy, CA who's been missing for two weeks, has just turned up dead, murdered by her Sunday school teacher, 28-year-old Melissa Huckaby.

What kind of woman would abduct and kill this adorable 8-year-old?! Huckaby belongs to a seemingly proud, respected family and is the granddaughter of the local pastor. She's been described as a loving mother and a devoted Sunday school teacher. Not only was little Sandra her student, their homes were just a few doors apart. Melissa's own daughter and Sandra were close friends and often played together; in fact, the last surveillance footage shows Sandra happily skipping on her way to a play date at her teacher's house.

The child's body was found in a local irrigation pond, inside the suitcase that belongs to Huckaby, which she earlier reported missing. Police have arrested Melissa Huckaby after extensive questioning. Yet, the main question still remains unanswered: why? What was her motive? Preliminary speculations were made that little Sandra was sexually assaulted before her death. Apparently, Melissa Huckaby has a history of mental illness and some prior run-ins with the law, on a smaller scale.

Sandra's parents must have felt their precious little daughter was safe, never expecting disaster to strike in the form of another mother, a trusted neighbor, a teacher of theology! Nowadays, schools and churches are a lot more conscientious about checking out every potential new employee expected to have direct contact with children, but obviously it still isn't enough. Parents, don't leave the matter of your children's safety in anyone else's hands. Others may say they care, but no one cares about our kids as much as we do!

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