Reverse Phone Lookup Can Trace the Course of the Pigeons' Journey

Maximum security prisons have been losing the battle with their prisoners' ingenuity. In their quest for the perks of wireless technology, inmates have been coming up with various ways to circumvent the system and smuggle cell phones into the facilities. The new method relies on the help of ... carrier pigeons.

They breed and raise the pigeons inside the prison walls, and send them out, knowing that pigeons must always obey their instinct to return home. Once the birds are caught outside and outfitted with tiny rucksacks that contain cell phones, they can be relied on to make successful deliveries back to those on the inside. This strategy has allowed gang leaders who plan to remain on the inside for a long time to conduct business as usual via cell phones, giving orders to execute drug deals, robberies and murders.

Prison guards have been reporting frequent sightings of such feathery messengers. On several occasions, they managed to catch the pigeons carrying small bags filled with cell phone parts and chargers. Police have yet to discover who raises these pigeons and who was meant to receive the phone deliveries.

This kind of makes one wonder if the police have used all the available resources to dig deeper and solve this mystery faster. In my humble opinion, they could have done more to determine the numbers of these smuggled phones, and from there on, it's smooth sailing with the help of a reverse phone lookup. At the very least, a reverse phone lookup can help them find out under whose name the cell phone is listed and where the owner resides, and quite possibly lead to the family members and business associates of the prisoners who were meant to receive the cell phones.

Seriously though, reverse phone lookups aside, how and where do these guys manage to hide these pigeons in prison?! That's what I'd really like to know.