One Day, Reverse Phone Lookups Will Help Unite the World

The world is changing: I can just see how quickly we are moving toward a global economy, becoming one big planet full of all kinds of people, with no physical boundaries. Imagine: (I am beginning to sound a bit like John Lennon here, but still) we could all unite, connect, fight crime, improve our joint economy, share resources -- all together.

I was just listening to president Obama on CNN, proposing "A Plan To Rescue The World" at a G-20 Summit in London. I've also seen that people are suffering all over the world from the ravages of the bad economy, just as we are. Together, we must put an end to it! We are on our way to weeding out criminals together with improved background checks and common effort, we are learning each other's languages and working together, we are adapting state-of-the-art technologies that unite us across the globe and enable us to come together and save the world.

I know that what's possible with such a unified effort is a future where the wars and the crimes will cease, and we will know all about each other all across the world. You may receive a call from an unknown number with a foreign area code, and you'd be able to do a world-wide reverse phone lookup, because there will be one huge worldwide network of computers and cell phones and all the other modes of communication. And you'll be able to see within seconds all the information about a person in, say, New Zealand or Iceland, or Mongolia, and communicate via a live video stream.

Reverse phone lookup has been teaching us common sense, improving human relations across the USA, but at the rate we are moving toward technological progress, the ability to reach out across the globe and conduct honest business or even cross-continental affairs of the heart, is not really a question of "if", but rather when.