Parents Turn to Reverse Phone Lookups to Combat "Sexting"

There is a new cell phone trend sweeping the country, and it's almost exclusive to teenagers. Leave it to the kids to find a creative way to use cell phone cameras. The trend is called "sexting", and it entails sending nude photos of themselves or others to friends, and sometimes strangers they meet online. What the hormonal pranksters don't realize is that they are breaking the law.

In fact, a growing number of teenagers across the country are facing arrests and felony charges ranging from obscenity to possession and dissemination of child pornography. If convicted, some of these kids may have to register as sex offenders, which will pretty much ruin their lives. It may come back to haunt them during pre-employment screening, and ruin their reputation and love life. Not to mention that it's almost certain by now that some of these photos are being circulated online. Currently, there are "sexting" cases pending in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.

The incident in question took place in North Carolina. A couple of middle school parents complained to a school counselor about a case of "sexting" involving the students. The school reasoned that since it didn't take place on school premises during school hours, it is the parents' responsibility. These parents did take matters into their own hands. They organized a sort of a coalition of parents against "sexting". They repossessed their children's cell phones and conducted thorough investigations. They used reverse phone lookups to trace the offenders' phone numbers straight to their front doors. They had sobering discussions with the other parents and the misguided "sexters". Both the kids and the parents learned their lessons. As a result, although the offenders eventually got their cell phones back, this particular middle school has never seen another case of "sexting".

This is a serious lesson for the rest of us parents. We hand grownup toys to our teens and forget that they may look grown up, but they are not yet capable of thinking like grownups. They need guidance and constant supervision, and, yes, spying methods like reverse cell phone lookups are a parent's lifesaver. When you think about it, it's really a kid's lifesaver. The "sexters" in North Carolina can thank their parents for snooping and saving the rest of their lives from almost certain ruination. The parent war on "sexting" is waged in the name of love for their children and concern for their future. As we know, all is fair in love and war, and reverse cell phone lookups are no exception.