You Can't Trick Reverse Phone Lookup

I just read about a new cell phone-compatible device called Mobile Phone Voice Changer. Its name speaks for itself: it changes your voice so you can make phone calls and remain unrecognized. The gadget plugs into a cell phone and offers both male and female voices. What I don't get is how it can be helpful, what with all the methods available now for call tracing and caller location, such as reverse phone lookup.

Let's imagine a simple scenario. Say you are a man who decided to crank-call someone, changing your voice to impersonate a woman. So, you finish talking to the person on the other end, feeling pleased with yourself, when your phone rings, and who should be on the other end but the person you'd just successfully (or so you thought) crank-called. This individual addresses you by name, tells you he or she knows where you live, and threatens to report you if you ever call again.

You are embarrassed and bewildered: how on earth did this happen?! You used this cool new gizmo to alter your voice, and were found anyway, and so fast! You've come across a savvy Internet user who used reverse phone lookup to trace your call, found out who you are and your location. This person can now come to your home and get you in trouble. If I were you, I wouldn't risk using the Voice Changer again. It's doubtful that in most cases you'll get away with it. Next time, just have your sister make the call, and call from someone else's phone.