Reverse Phone Lookup at the Forefront of Telemarketer Mayhem

The world is mad at telemarketers and other illegal cell phone stalkers. People are tired of being harassed by sales calls and texts, and they are starting to come up with ways to fight the intrusions. There is a law against telemarketers calling or texting people's cell phones, but that hasn't stopped them from doing so, violating privacy and imposing unwanted fees on recipients.

Most of us heard of the National "Do Not Call List" that supposedly bans unwanted calls once a number is added to the list. Apparently, doing that just makes matters worse; one might as well send the intruders an invitation to call, since most people report the unwelcome calls tripling once they listed their number in the directory. Now, there is also a new phenomenon called "textual" harassment that prompted most states to add anti-stalking laws that refer to various electronic forms of communication.

So what, one may think, haven't they been breaking laws all along and no one seems to be able to do anything about it? Well, laws are good to fall back on when one is fed up. Verizon is currently suing a telemarketer who used autodialers to make hundreds of thousands of promotional calls to its customers, violating the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (FTCPA). Verizon will win establishing a precedent, and we'll all breathe easier.

Angry people everywhere are joining forces and fighting violators any which way they can. There are new Web sites powered by frustrated consumers who inform the public about telemarketers and phone scams. Users collect and share information about the callers, including unknown phone numbers, caller identity and address and other information that helps to identify the number's source and stop the infuriating calls.

Once you unveil the numbers from which you are getting unwanted calls and texts, the tool of choice is reverse phone lookup. It works really well to determine the hidden name, location and other identifying information about undesirable callers and/or texters. Reverse phone lookup will arm you with facts and lead you straight to the source, which is the last thing the violators expect or want. Demand to speak to the highest level of supervisors, remember to cite the FTCPA and the Verizon lawsuit, and get your number off their list for good. Chin up, we shall overcome!