Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Find Your Friends

Today I ran into a friend I haven't heard from in quite a while. Me, I don't mince words, so I ripped into him: how come you disappeared on me and haven't called or responded to my emails?! Turns out, he moved and lost my contact information - cell phone number, email address - the works. We don't have mutual friends and he had no one to ask. My response left him even more confused: "Well, you still remember my name, don't you?"

I keep forgetting that not everyone knows about reverse phone lookups - not yet. I explained what a reverse phone lookup was, and that knowing the name, he could have easily found all the other information he needed to contact me, or anyone else for that matter. "You can find people's phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and if you are interested, a whole lot more. You can locate and keep in touch with old friends whom you already trust, or find out enough about new friends to determine if you can trust them. It's pretty awesome!" I told him. He seemed impressed and promised to try it.

That evening, I got an email from him, and then he called me. I have since heard from other people who've also lost touch with him, that he suddenly reappeared in their lives and now keeps in regular contact. I think I may have a new reverse phone lookup convert (and possible junkie) on my hands.