Reverse Phone Number Lookup May Lead Police to Gang Members

Lately, there have been numerous stories in the media pointing to the fact that using reverse cell phone number lookups has helped many people in many ways, including helping police solve several cases by leading them to suspects.

Earlier this month, police in Bradenton, FL seized a cell phone from a teenager charged with murder, because it indicated the boy may be connected to a gang. Apparently, two teens broke into a home with the intention to rob it, and shot two residents, killing a 55-year-old woman. During the attack, a third resident got hold of a gun and shot one robber in the back, causing the former high school football player to become paralyzed from the neck down. Paramedics found the cell phone in his sock. Later, a police officer answered the ringing phone and noticed the text on the display: "MUTT CREW 4 LIFE". Mutt Crew is a dangerous street gang.

Police have been monitoring all calls, messages and contacts on both teen burglars' cell phones. Any previously stored and new incoming calls that catch their interest is run through a reverse phone number lookup, providing names, phone numbers and other information on the callers. They have been locating other suspected gang members and bringing them in for questioning. With the help of reverse phone number lookup, police may just be able to dismantle Mutt Crew.