Reverse Phone Lookups - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now!

Reverse phone lookup users, rejoice! In the past, we have often been prevented from looking up information on some phone numbers from which we've received unwelcome or unknown calls. There was no way to run a reverse phone lookup on fake or hidden numbers. Well! There is now a new service that allows cell phone users to reveal the Caller ID of anonymous callers.

It's called TrapCall, and it can determine the phone numbers of blocked calls. Users can reprogram their cell phones to send all questionable calls to TrapCall's toll-free number, where the caller is analyzed, the phone number is determined, and returned to the call's recipient. The whole process takes mere seconds. The service is free and allows the subscriber to blacklist unwelcome callers.

So, once you know the number and run a reverse phone lookup to determine the name and address of the individual or company behind the call, you no longer need to contact them and demand they stop calling, remaining at the questionable mercy of telemarketers and other intruders. Now, all you need to do is ask TrapCall to add it to your "blacklist", and you'll never receive another call from that source. Neat-o!