Reverse Phone Number Lookup Can Bring Friends and Families Closer

A woman recently addressed the entire Web community in a blog entry, as a desperate plea for help with finding her deceased friend's family. She had known the woman for a long time, but she'd recently moved and they lost touch. Then she heard of her friend's tragic death. The news deeply saddened her and really made her want to reach out to her friend's family, but she didn't know where to start looking.

Although few would admit to it, it is common to be pretty well acquainted with a person without actually knowing their last name. That was the problem this woman faced now; she knew her friend's last name, but has long since forgotten it. She did know her phone number, and had found out it's been disconnected and not transferred to anyone else. Now she had no idea how to look up and connect with the friend's grieving family and offer her condolences.

She was asking if anyone had heard of reverse phone number lookups, if they really work and if anyone would assist with looking up information for a disconnected phone number. Had someone else not answered her, I would have written myself. But other people have already written with an overwhelming "Yes!" The phone number hasn't been disconnected long enough to be updated in the public records. They highly recommended reverse phone number lookups and advised her to use one to find her friend's full name and contact information. Not only that, they told her, but a reverse phone number lookup can also help her find information on her family members and ways to contact them.

Condolences to the family and congratulations on finding another person who cared about the one they loved and lost.