Reverse Phone Lookup Assists St. Valentine

Valentine's Day is almost here ... again. One wants to hope that most people out there are happily in love and are thrilled to celebrate it. Yet, many of us are either still single or are recovering from another failed relationship. Some of us got engaged to our now-exes on Valentine's Day, which pretty much ruined it for us, making it doubly difficult to maintain the warm, fuzzy emotions we are meant to feel on this day. So, what are we to do to keep from grinding our teeth when confronted with festive Valentine window displays and TV commercials? Keeping the hope alive is the only way.

To counter the Valentine blues, let's head for the online dating sites with renewed zeal. Our attempts to meet the perfect mate in time for a big celebration don't have to be an exercise in futility. Stranger things have happened. Let's remember though, as desperate as we are to avoid being alone on the most romantic day of the year, we still can't ignore safety issues.

This morning I got an email in response to my online profile, from an interested potential date. His profile managed to pique my curiosity, too. Who knows, maybe if we hurry up with the preliminaries, we might just manage to have our first official date on Valentine's Day. Then a loud siren went off in my head: "You know nothing about him! You don't know if what he's telling you is true! Remember what happened the last time you trusted your intuition!"

It's true, my last promising whirlwind romance ended up with me accidentally finding out six months into it that the seemingly sweet, loving man had a terrifying secret: he was a child molester, a convicted sex offender, and I trusted him around my children. Now, I don't go on a date until my potential match is cleared by a Reverse Phone Lookup. That's how I learned the truth about the other guy.

The process is fast, simple and so worth it: input his phone number and find out his full name, age, address, marital status, etc. From there, one can even check if the person has a criminal record. Nice, huh? The peace of mind that results from (hopefully) positive results of the Reverse Phone Lookup is priceless. In fact, the relief from knowing this person is trustworthy allows for a relaxed, warm connection that may not have happened, were our worries to get the best of us. Now that I know this is, in fact, an honest man with a clear conscience, how about making that Valentine's Day work? The sky's the limit.