Reverse Phone Directory Facilitates Matchmaking Process

There it was again - the same unknown number on my Caller ID, and no message. I've been receiving calls from this phone number - hang-ups with no messages - and I don't know from whom. I have a feeling it's a man, because once I sort of heard him grunt in the background, but he won't speak. He must either be a psychopathic stalker or painfully shy, or both.

Lately, I've become a pro at using reverse phone directories to find contact and background information on various people who have crossed my path. For different reasons: verifying trustworthiness of business connections, finding personal acquaintances with whom I've lost touch, and screening potential dates. Better safe than sorry. For the most part, it's been rewarding to find that people in my circle are good and honest. This allowed me to solidify relationships based on evidence. In the past, I found out that my trust in some people had been misplaced. This is a great precaution and confirmation.

It also solves mysteries like this one. Who is this man and what does he want? Why won't he speak, and where did he get my number? There it is, information about the owner of this number: I now know his name, age (close to my own), address (ditto), and occupation (similarly creative). No criminal records or civil judgments, so based on preliminary scrutiny, he seems interesting and harmless.

I decided to call him then. Surprised and embarrassed the heck out of him, but got him to talk. A mutual long-ago acquaintance gave him my number when he recently moved to Seattle. He really was painfully shy at first, but became absolutely charming as we talked more and got to know each other better. I must remember to call that acquaintance and thank him for the referral. Wait, what's his number again? Oh, no biggie: I can just look up his phone number and other contact information in the reverse phone directory.