Reverse Phone Number Lookup Can Further On-the-Job Security

Many small companies hire temporary part-time help by placing ads on Craigslist and similar community sites. They don't put much effort into investigating these employees, since in the minds of employers these individuals are unlikely to affect the company as a whole due to their temp status. Wrong!

One of my recent previous jobs was with a construction company, doing their books. They had a small manufacturing plant on premises, with many frequently changing day laborers. Once, toward the end of a work day, two police cars showed up looking for one of these guys, claiming they had a warrant for his arrest. The guy was wanted for armed robbery! He had worked for this company for several days, and on that given day he was already gone, and no one was able to locate him. Chances are, he hasn't harmed the company or its people, but it could have potentially ended up much worse. The two owners, a husband and wife, were very concerned, and the wife demanded that the husband never hire temp help again. That is a bit extreme and unnecessary: the reverse phone number lookup should do the trick.

It's really simple to find out how trustworthy every person is who infiltrates the trusted circles, even temporarily. When applicants respond to online ads by phone, all it takes is a quick reverse phone number lookup to at least determine where potential workers live, their name, age, work experience, criminal record, if any, and other useful information available through public records. Companies must take this extra step and investigate, not only for their own peace of mind, but to fulfill their responsibility to other employees who trust the employer to provide a safe working environment. Not every temporary and/or part-time employee poses a threat: some reliable, hard-working people need all kinds of work these days. Just be in-the-know with the help of reverse phone number lookup.