Travel Delays May Require Staying with Friends

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With the end of year holidays come the end of year travel delays due to inclement weather. You may have timed your days off from work perfectly with the intended airline schedule, but Mother Nature scoffs at your plans.

If Mother Nature or a failed "enhanced patdown" by the TSA strands you at an airport far from home, you can take your chances that a small window of travel opportunity will open up, hope that the airline will spring for a place to stay, or you can give in to the inevitable and try to make the most of this karmic opportunity, and enjoy a longer-than-intended stay, and try to mooch a warm spot with family or friends you may have in the area.

Once you've made the decision to accept your fate, and have started thinking about who you can grace with your unexpected presence, you'll want to start off your stay with as little annoyance on your unwilling host as possible. Don't ask them pick you up at the airport; nobody likes that. Take the bull by the horns, or at least a cab, and get yourself there on your own.

You may not know where they live, but you can find out with a people search. An online people search lets you take a name and location and get the phone number (to ask them if you can stay) and address (to give to the cab driver). Or maybe you're renting a car, so you can put that newly-found address into the GPS navigation system of the car, or your cell phone. Check the holiday traffic first, and off you go to strain a friend's post-holiday vacation. Just remember, karma works for everyone. They probably deserve it.

One bit of advice before crashing at a friend's place unexpectedly: bring presents from the airport gift shop!