Football Reunites Old Friends

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The traditions of an American Thanksgiving aren't limited to just turkey and stuffing, but also include football. A recent football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Arizona Cardinals was not only the scene of brutal action on the gridiron, but also one of old friends getting together again. The wide receiver for the Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald says Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Todd Haley - the Cardinals' former offensive coordinator - made him great. "I would say he's a great coach," said Fitzgerald.

That wasn't the only reunion at the game. Chiefs' coach Haley acknowledges career opportunities he got from his former boss, Cardinals' coach Ken Whisenhunt. The reunions didn't stop there between these two teams. Chiefs' fullback Tim Castille used to play with the Arizona Cardinals, and still has friends there.

Getting in touch with old friends or coworkers, however, shouldn't wait for organized reunions or chance encounters. Such opportunities don't always happen, or sometimes can't be taken advantage of. That doesn't mean you can't still reach out and reconnect with people from your past. With as little as just a name, you can use an online people search to find those old friends, and get their address or phone number.

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When you find your old friend's address or phone number, you can reconnect just in time for the holidays. Send them a card with your Yuletide greetings, or give them a surprise call wishing them well!