This Rolling Stone Collects No Moss

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It's ancient history these days that Rihanna and Chris Brown are broken up, and even more so the details that lead up to this event. What continues to be surprising in both good and bad ways are the manners in which these two choose to conduct themselves when asked to talk about it today. While Chris Brown is content to punch out his dressing room window and threaten producers on Good Morning America for asking him questions about that night, Rihanna has chosen to take the high road.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Rihanna was asked about the whole ordeal, including her feelings on everything that has happened since the night she became a victim of domestic abuse. Rihanna famously was the first to speak openly about the ordeal in the past, and although it seemed she was out for justice, she has been merciful to Chris both by easing up on the restraining order against him, and by conducting herself with grace and poise when encountering him.

With the restraining order as it formerly stood, the two would not have been able to attend events at the same time, such as award shows or after-party appearances. While this may seem trivial to most people, to a celebrity these sort of gatherings are not only a way of life, but in many cases a necessary means of bringing home the bacon. That said, it would seem that despite Chris' clear anger at anything to do with his past indiscretions, Rihanna has chosen to let go of the events of that fateful night, and move on to a happier and healthier life.

All of this began just over a year ago when Rihanna saw text messages from another woman in Chris' phone, and his anger at her accusations sent him spiraling into a fit that lead to police reports and a media storm that nearly swallowed his career. While looking through someone's phone can be one way to discover the truth, it would seem that in this case it would have been best to do it more discretely - perhaps when he wasn't two feet away from her in a car. A simple trip to a reverse phone directory while Chris was busy practicing moon-walking could have ended this all much differently.