The Couple that Cheats Together...

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There are all sorts of tips and old wive’s tales when it comes to relationships; people will often go into raptures on how you need the correct astrological sign, the same interests, and the same political views to make a relationship work. However, the same interests and hobbies may not always be the best thing for a relationship, especially when both partners are notorious cheaters.

It was front page news not too long ago that the famed child country singing sensation LeAnn Rimes and her husband were getting a divorce. This may have been typical tabloid fodder save for the fact that LeAnne was already in the arms of another man, the still-married Eddie Cibrian. LeAnne and Eddie first met when filming together, but soon the two were busy giving each other tours of their trailers rather than reading lines on set. The story of their infidelity first broke when surveillance footage of the two kissing at a restaurant sent people up in arms, and both marriages began to quickly fizzle.

Despite reports that the two were denying being a couple, and that they were not dissolving their marriages, the inevitable occurred and it wasn’t long before two marriages were destroyed and LeAnne and Eddie found themselves in cheater’s heaven. Many have speculated as to how long a relationship built on so much mistrust and disrespect would last, but over the Easter weekend it would seem that LeAnne and Eddie found the time to silence the skeptics as they announced via their Twitter account that LeAnne was now Eddie’s wife.

Whether or not LeAnne will find herself spotting footage of Eddie with some new young starlet down the road is up to time and karma to decide. In the mean time, it would perhaps behoove the young couple to keep tabs on one another (reverse phone search anyone?). After all, the couple that cheats together...