Overseas Phone Scams are Taking Advantage of Gullibility

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Gullibility is a dangerous trait in a world full of phone scams. Social engineers know how to make people believe them by using persuasive words that play on people's weaknesses. Those who are gullible are often prime targets. It's unfortunate that in today's day and age we must consider everyone a thief until they are proven innocent, but it is the only way to ensure we are protected.

Sgt. George Mlinarcik of the Perry, Ohio Township Police Department is warning town residents to beware of these social engineers. "Don't be so gullible," he said. Mlinarcik was concerned about the town's safety after taking down a criminal who scammed an elderly woman out of money.

The woman sent three money orders to international addresses. After the third attempt to send money, she finally realized something was amiss and she contacted the police station to report the crime. She told the police that a caller informed her that she won prize money and in order to claim her money she must send processing fees.

Mlinarcik, in the police report, wrote, "If you're to send money to receive money, the call is probably a scam".

The woman received several calls about claiming the prize winnings that were in her name. After all was said and done, the woman lost $2,554. The police urged the woman to change her phone number immediately and obtain her credit report to see if anything suspicious surfaced.

Sgt. George Mlinarcik urges people to keep phone scams in mind when receiving strange emails and unexpected calls. Anyone concerned or wondering about their safety should contact their local police department.

No person is exempt from phone scams. We frequently report on these scams so we can alert the public to the severity and the increasing number of occurrences. Whether employing the technology of reverse phone lookups or simply checking in with the authorities, you should understand that you can be protected if you take the proper precautions. We always promote awareness as number 1, so if you are ever in a situation where you are unsure about who is contacting you, always err on the side of caution.