Lindsey Lohan VS the Legal System

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As most people are used to seeing celebrities get away scott-free after having committed some sort of ignorant or potentially harmful crime, the total tonnage of crimes that Lindsey Lohan has been acquitted of has now reached a new high. After her release from jail and, naturally, early release from re-hab, Lindsey seemed to be doing well and restraining from being seen with clouds of questionable "white powder" surrounding her like a mist of righteous evidence. Things took a turn back to "as we all expected - town" however, when Lindsey was allegedly caught stealing jewelry from a store.

A necklace which Lindsey was seen wearing about town, worth quite the pretty penny, was rumored by Lindsey's team to be a gift from the store. As this is actually somewhat of a common practice by jewelers to gain popularity and increase sales, this story seemed quite plausible. That is, however, until the store decided to press charges and Lindsey sent the necklace back with an assistant in a panicked attempt to undo what had been done.

After appearing before a judge for the umpteenth time this year, Lindsey was told that she would no doubt be facing jail time again for her latest caper. However, what would to most seem to be the strongest piece of evidence against the young starlet, surveillance footage of her in the shop, has now turned into her saving grace. It has recently been speculated that the media storm surrounding this event, and the subsequent sale of said surveillance footage to media, has all been an elaborate ruse set on by the jewelry store to gain fame and potentially increase in popularity - at Lindsey's expense, of course.

Now that there is firm reason to believe that Lindsey may have, in fact, been either loaned or given the jewelry by the store in an attempt to set her up for this rather public embarrassment, it is likely that a judge will no longer have neither incentive nor adequate evidence to convict Lindsey of this crime. And around the world a gasp of relief is heard, and Lindsey's legal team gets a weekend off.

It almost begs the question: is this all just good publicity, or simply bad luck? Oh to know who Lindsey called first when hearing of this news ... reverse phone search anyone?