I Spy, With My Little Eye

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With all the technology at the fingertips of the average person today, it is no surprise that people are finding more and more advanced ways to communicate with -- and spy on -- one another. Enter Cell Spy.

Whether it is a simple "old fashioned" phone call, or tweeting your status and opinion on Twitter, there are countless ways to let the world know exactly what you think. That said, there still seems to be an increasingly high demand for services that allow people to not only block this sort of information, but also to spy on the activities of others in order to gain even more. With the extremely mainstream usage of text messaging as a primary form of communication, it is no surprise that advertisers have found ways to send text message marketing ploys to cell phone users. This sort of annoyance can usually be stalled by a quick call to one's cell phone provider - but what about people going through your phone without you even knowing they were there?

Certain services such as Cell Spy allow purchasers of the software to access another person's phone and see everything from text messages to phone calls, even listening to conversations - all without the other person knowing. This software is not only extremely invasive, but relatively cheap at only $59.95.

Usually if a jilted ex is harassing you by phone, one can use services such as a reverse phone lookup to find out who exactly is calling and sending messages, but with services such as Cell Spy gaining exposure on networks such as ABC and NBC, the options for invasion seem limitless. So how does one protect themselves from being spied on? Use a land line.